Hierarchy system

Our platform is designed in a way such that, all products must be nested under a sub-category. For example, in a hierarchy where “Menswear” is a main category, and you have subcategories under it e.g. “shirts” “jeans” “jackets”, you cannot have products listed directly under “Menswear”. Products would need to be associated to a subcategory in order to fall within the hierarchy structure. Using the example above, the structure would then look as follows: Menswear > Shirts, Menswear > Jeans, Menswear > Jackets.

Most of the time, e-commerce websites are structured in the same way, so the app displays everything correctly without the need for human intervention. However, if you are unable to view any of your products via the app, make sure you check the structure of your e-commerce website to ensure that it is compatible with the mobile app. If not, you might want to consider manually adding sub-categories and sorting products.

Please see the attached document.