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Manage banners in your app

The home screen is the first screen that appears after the app has started, it is connected to the CMS where all the content can be managed.

You can use the Poq CMS to add banners to promote products and special offers in your app.

The banners page showing the current home screen layout
The banners page showing the current home screen layout

Because because of the way that banners fill the screen, there is only a recommended width size for banners:

iPhone/Android phone: Between 750-1334px wide. iPad: Between 2048-2732px wide. If you want to use the same image for both phone and ipad. Optimal for both: 2048px wide.

Add a new banner

When you add a new banner, it is automatically added to your Draft list. You can schedule the dates it should be visible, the banner type, and select an image that will grab your customers' attention. When you have added the banners you require, you can publish your list.

To add a new banner:

  1. In the Poq CMS, click the Content tab in the top-right navigation menu.
  2. Click Banners in the left navigation menu. Your current, published banners are displayed. If you have not yet published any banners, this list is blank.
  3. Select Draft from the drop down menu. Your draft banners are displayed.
  4. Click the Add banner button. The Add new banner screen is shown.
  5. Enter the title for your new banner.
  6. Use the radial buttons to choose whether to create a half-screen or full-screen banner.
  7. Under Schedule enter the dates you want the banner to be live in your app.
  8. Use the radial buttons to select which platforms you wish the banner to appear on.
  9. Choose the image for your banner. Click Select image to use an image already uploaded into the CMS, or click Upload image.
  10. Under Visibility, choose whether the banner will be visible when published. You can edit this setting at any time.
  11. Use the Type menu to choose the type of screen that is shown when your customer taps the banner. Choose from:
    1. None - no interaction result.
    2. Page - a page of content.
    3. Product category.
    4. Hyperlink - any URL that you specify, displayed within the app.
    5. Shop - the Shop screen in your app.
    6. Lookbook - any lookbook you have already set up.
    7. Store finder - your store finder page.
    8. Wishlist (Android only).
    9. My store (Android only).
    10. Recently viewed (Android only).
    11. Select my store (Android only).
    12. Scan (Android only) - opens a scanner screen so your customer can scan an item.
  12. Use the Padding fields to set space around your banner.
  13. When you are finished, click the Save button towards the top left of the screen.
You have added a new banner as a draft. When you are happy with your draft banners, you can publish them into your **Current** list.

The Add Banner screen
The Add Banner screen

Publish banners

Once you have scheduled your draft banners, you can publish them to make them live.

Publishing your draft list makes all of the banners you have drafted visible or scheduled. If you have any banners that customers shouldn't see, you should delete them before publishing the list.

Time travel

To preview banners that are set to go live at a later date, simply choose the date selector and select a time and date in the future. Once you have selected the new date, the page will automatically reload to reflect the how the banners will appear on the chosen date/time.

cms banners3


As new versions of the home screen are published, previous versions will be archived in the ‘History’ section. Versions are grouped by month and labelled with their month, date and time. We will store previous versions for up to fourteen months and for each set of banners you can see how it would look for any date on any platform.

cms banners4

Create/edit draft

By selecting the edit button you will be taken to a draft view where you can edit or create new drafts. If no draft exists, one will be created by duplicating the existing current banners. When there is a pre-saved draft you will be presented with the option to continue editing or start fresh.

cms banners5

In-app preview

You can preview banners directly on a device rather than waiting till they have been published.

Whilst in draft mode, simply follow the instructions located below the preview section to view the banners on your device.

Once the URL has been input into your mobile browser the app will open in preview mode set to the time and date selected.

To reset the app to the original banner layout you need to force close the app and restart.

cms banners7

cms banners8