Add Splash screen images

Splash screen images appear while your app is loading. They set the tone for your user's next session using the app, and are a great way to introduce a new season collection or range.

Design asset CMS screen
Design asset CMS screen

To add a new splash screen:

  1. From the Poq CMS Content screen, select Design Assets
  2. Under the Splash Screen menu, Click Select Picture.
  3. Choose a picture from your computer or from the CMS.
  4. Click save.

You have updated the splash screen in your app.

Splash screens on phones
Splash screens on phones

Splash screen image size

The recommended size for a splash screen image is: 1242px by 2688px

The safe area for iPhone 8 and older iPhones is 963px by 2271px. Anything outside this area will be cropped on iPhone 8 and older iPhones.

This is a 16:9 ratio.