Recently viewed products

As part of our platform V8 release we are introducing a recently viewed products carousel.

The carousel will remain hidden from users until they have viewed their second product on PDP, at which point it will appear at the bottom of the PDP and empty search screen.

The carousel will be shown as follows on the PDP.

recently viewed products1 recently viewed products2

By default the carousel will show a maximum of 10 products which will be scrollable to the user, it will show the product image, price and title.

Selecting ‘View All’ will take the user to a PLP which contains all of their recently viewed products, from here they can add the products to their wishlist, load the PDP or clear all recently viewed products using the clear/bin icon.

recently viewed products4 recently viewed products3

We will also show the product carousel if the user performs an invalid search that yields no results, this will show as follows:

recently viewed products6 recently viewed products5