Peek & Pop

As part of our platform V8 release we have introduced App shortcuts and Peek and Pop for iOS devices with 3D Touch capabilities.

App shortcuts

‘Search’ and ‘Wishlist’ app shortcuts have been implemented and are dynamically created when the app is launched, this means they will only be available to the user after the app has been launched for the first time.

Each of the following shortcuts will navigate the user to the corresponding screen on the app. The ‘Search' shortcut will take the user to the search view whereas the ‘Wishlist' shortcut will navigate to the wishlist screen.

peek and pop1

Peek & Pop

iPhones with 3D touch allow the user to access quick actions from a force touch on their screen, when the user presses hard on their screen you get what’s called “Peek”, if they press further then you get a “Pop”

If the user force touches the product image on the PLP or recently viewed carousel the cell will slowly be highlighted until the user pressed hard enough for the image to be displayed in peek view. The image displayed will be the same image the thumbnail used in the original cell, force touching the image again will cause the user to navigate to the PDP or they can swipe upwards to display 3 quick actions: view details, add to wishlist or share. Removing their finger from the screen will dismiss the peek view.

peek and pop2 peek and pop3