Last Updated - Platform 21.0 - SDK 16.0

Our tooling supports an easy-to-run lane that will create a new local repository ready for you to push to your desired version control platform and begin your adventure with Poq.

fastlane make_app

Before you begin

You should have your app identifiers, a UUID (AppIdentifier) and an integer (AppID) for each BE environment, ready before you use this lane. For Poq employees these can be found here.

Ensure you know the exact spelling and capitalisation of the apps display name! This script asks for the name only once and it is set throughout the repo in different forms so it is important that this is correct.


  1. Clone a Poq repo locally. E.g. git clone
  2. Open terminal and cd to the newly cloned repository directory.
  3. Run the command fastlane make_app.
  4. Check the new repo to make sure it looks correct (has the right client name and app identifiers).
  5. Push the repo to your source control upstream (check out our guide for GitHub).

This sets up a repository based on our template client which will have 3x InHouse targets for the Development, Staging and Production environments and 1x AppStore target using the latest SDK.