Cart Item View

Last Updated - Platform 19.0 - SDK 14.0

The CartItemView is essentially the CartItemViewCell presented by the CartViewDataSource. However, they have been separated to make it easy to modify the view using Containers rather than subclass the data source and cell.

Container.shared.views.cartItemView = {

The PoqCartItemView (default) variation of this view:

  • Uses CartItemViewData from the CartContentBlock.cartItemCard enum case.
  • Presents the product image, title and variant information.
  • Presents the quantity and price using a QuantityView.
  • Supports Skeletonable to present a nice loading state.
  • Reads as a single button using Voice Over with actions available for deletion.

Cart View
Cart View

View Data Mapper

The CartItemViewDataMapper is the mapper used to map from CartItemDomainModel to the CartItemViewData to present.

Container.shared.mappers.cartItemViewDataMapper = {