Last Updated - Platform v23.1

Airship is a notification platform that helps to engage with your users. We provide Android and iOS frontend integrations for Airship.

Set up


Take care when testing 'Live' project notifications. Make sure you test via Airships test interface only to your own ChannelID.

Test using notifications that could pass as real live notifications as this will be less negative if accidentally sent to a full audience. For example:

Treat yourself to something great!


Our integrations forward all poq events to Airship to enable apps to segment their audience for more tailored reach.

This includes tags for logged in users and users with items in their cart for abandoned cart targetting.


Our integrations provide the Airship Message Inbox UI via the following deeplinks. This uses the Airship UI with our AppStyling; the implementation is not under our control and the feature is not as easily customisable.


To use the inbox add a CMS airship/messages deeplink to the Account screen. Unread inbox messages will present a badge on the link and Account tab.

Preference Center

Our integrations provide the Airship Preference Center UI via the following deeplinks. As with the Inbox, this uses the Airship UI with our AppStyling.



  • v5.0? - Initial release of Firebase integrations.
  • v22.0 - Added the Message Inbox & Preference Center features.