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Account context

Your customer can shop as a guest user or as a logged-in user, with an account they can update with important information like addresses and their saved Wishlist.

Included in the Account Context is the secure way your users log in and can keep using the app without being asked for their login details each time they open it.

My Account - login and registration

Your customers can shop as guests without logging in, or they can log in to their account with the login screen. If they do not actively log out, they do not need to log back in next time they want to use the app.

The Registration screen

Your customer registers by entering basic information in the registration screen of your app:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Email address.
  • Password - customers can use a toggle to Show or * Hide their password as they type.
  • Consent to receive marketing material from you.

On registering, your customer receives a confirmation email.

As a registered, logged-in shopper, your customer's orders are now saved in their Order history. They can now complete more details on their Profile, such as delivery and billing addresses.

The Login screen

This is a standard log in screen, customers can enter their email address and password in the fields provided.

On your Login screen, you can include:

  • Show/hide password switch
  • Email address
  • Password field
  • Reset password link
  • Header image - an image to show above the form your customers need to complete. This is added using the Poq CMS.

Address list

Your customer can add both Billing and Delivery addresses using the Address screens. They can assign one to be their default billing address.

Customers can:

  • Add billing addresses.
  • Add delivery addresses.
  • Edit an existing address.
  • Set an address as the primary delivery or billing address.
  • Delete an address.