App Marketing

When it comes to communicating with modern shoppers, the biggest challenge is reaching them wherever they are with maximum impact and driving them to your products. Using app marketing links, you can reach customers in their preferred channels, and connect them directly with your products and offers.

You can use different link types to achieve acquisition, retention, personalisation, and traffic growth.

You can create different types of link to reach your customers at different times:

  • Deep link: Links that can be added to a push notification from your app. You can use these links to highlight products and offers to customers who already have your app. You can create deep links in push notifications using the Poq CMS. Read the CMS guide to find out how.

  • Dynamic Link: Created using Firebase, you can use Dynamic Links to connect customers to content across your channels. Most importantly, Dynamic links can work for customers whether or not they have already have your app.

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