Last Updated - Platform 21.0 - SDK 16.0

Our tooling is built using Fastlane and is pulled and consumed by client repos when running Fastlane commands. We follow semantic versioning for all of our releases.

Before you begin

Install Fastlane following their documentation if you don't already have it installed.

We recommend using rbenv (which is simple to set up) before installing Fastlane to avoid OS complications such as having to redo this set up after major OS updates.

Add PoqTooling to your repository

  1. Add a Fastlane directory containing a Fastfile with the following code, replacing AppName with your own.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
url: "",
path: "fastlane/fastfile.public",
version: "~> 3"
override_lane :configure_environment do
# ENV["POQ_WORKSPACE"] = "AppName.xcworkspace" # Uncomment if you use Cocoapods.
ENV["POQ_PROJECT"] = "AppName.xcodeproj"
ENV["POQ_SCHEME"] = "AppName-InHouseUAT" # Set the default target for PR validation.

  1. Add the Fastlane directory, excluding the Fastfile, to your .gitignore to avoid committing generated resources.
  1. Create a file named GenerateProject.command with the following in your root directory to make it easy for devs to double tap to generate your project. Use terminal to make this executable using chmod +x GenerateProject.command.
BASEDIR=$(dirname "$0")
cd "${BASEDIR}"
fastlane generate
  1. Remember to commit and push these changes to your upstream.

You have set up your devs for success!

Next steps