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Last Updated - Platform 21.0 - SDK 16.0

To simplify setup and development we have developed a set of utilities using Fastlane.

Our tooling automates everyday tasks such as project generation using XcodeGen, Cocoapods, code signing and much more. It also provides the backbone for CI setups with direct support for Azure DevOps.



make_appCreate client repositories from a template.
generateAvoid the hassle of project file merge conflicts by generating your project using XcodeGen.
generate_build_numberUsed by generate, but can be run individually, to update the build number based on the number of commits.
update_assetsUpdates the asset bundle, fonts and Theme file using the json and zip from the AppStyler.
update_versionUpdates the version and / or build number directly in the Info.plist for the specified target.
set_package_versionUpdates the package versioning specified in the Project.yml for a specific Swift package.
set_versionUpdates the version of your app in the Project.yml.
signSimplifies codesigning via Fastlane matching (using a repo to share codesigning files).
archiveRuns xcodebuild to archive a specified target.
upload_firebaseUploads the ipa file for the specified target to Firebase.
upload_testflightUploads the ipa file for the specified target to TestFlight and notifies slack.

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