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Last Updated - Platform 25.0 - SDK 20.0

The PoqFirebase integration wraps the Firebase SDK to provide Firebase services including Google Analytics, Performance Monitoring, App Distribution and Crashlytics.

Set up


  1. Set up your app via the Firebase console and download the GoogleService plist.
  2. Add the PoqFirebase framework from the URL above to your project. How?
  3. Register the integration in your AppDelegate.swift.
import PoqFirebase
class AppDelegate: BaseAppDelegate {
override func setupModules() {
  1. Add the GoogleService-Info.plist to your project.
  2. Add a GoogleServiceDevelopment-Info.plist to support development mode. See the development mode section below.

Developer Mode

Firebase will be disabled in developer if you do not set up a development plist.

Firebase switches to using the GoogleServiceDevelopment-Info.plist config when in development mode. If this config does not exist then Firebase is disabled in developer mode. This is to avoid tracking fake revenue, generated from development environments, against the live app.

To set up a developer mode plist and app:

  1. Create a new app in your Firebase project using a fake bundle identifier and download the GoogleService plist. You must match the {bundleid}.development exactly (extension syntax). Example:
com.poq.demoapp # Live app BundleID
com.poq.demoapp.development # Fake BundleID for development mode - must be '.development'
  1. Rename the GoogleService-Info.plist to GoogleServiceDevelopment-Info.plist and add it to your project.

Make sure to follow the Firebase docs to set up the applink for Dynamic Links to work.

Dynamic Links require, and are resolved by, your apps link resolver /links API. You can customise the DeeplinkService to resolve links in a hardcoded switch statement if you prefer.


  • 14.0 (Oct 23): Release for Poq SDK 20 (v25).
  • 13.0 (Mar 23): Release for Poq SDK 19 (v24) adopts the new analytics layer.
  • 12.0 (Nov 22): Release for Poq SDK 18 (v23) adopts developer mode and adds missing events.
  • Releases...