User Content

Last Updated - Platform 24.0 - SDK 19.0

The User Content Carousel and Details screens are the features that allow the user to view user-generated content.

Set up

There is no set up for this feature on the Home screen. To use on Product Details override PoqProductViewDataSource/makeUserContentCarouselView function to return the user content carousel.

import PoqUserContent
import PoqUserContentClient
class CustomProductViewDataSource: PoqProductViewDataSource {
lazy var userContentCarousel = Container.shared.views.userContentCarouselWidget()
override func makeUserContentCarouselView(with product: ProductDetailsViewData) -> UIView? {
// Limit fetches so we don't fetch when switching forms.
let id = ProductIdentifier(productId:
userContentCarousel.setup(with: .init(id: id, section: .init(title: "Your title", description: "Your description")))
return userContentCarousel.inSectionView()


  • 19.0 (v24): Initial release.