Last Updated - Platform 25.0 - SDK 20.0

The Categories screen (Shop) is a core catalogue feature that uses the Categories API to present categories. This allows the user to filter to the type of products they want to browse then tap a category to navigate to the Product List or to a custom link.

# Shop (Tab)
# Sub-Category Tree

All parameters should be correctly percentage encoded (ex. spaces should be '%20'). Replace the id with the parent category tree identifier.

Set up

The Categories screen is automatically set up when linked to your app.

  1. Ensure the SDK and Platform are set up following the PoqSDK set up steps.
  2. Add the PoqCategories framework to your project following these steps.

Dynamic Content

Categories supports the following Dynamic Content slots as standard.

  • scroll-top: Before all other scroll content.

Adding slots to a table view is less complex compared to collection views but more than stack views. You will need to customise the data source to add custom slots and map their content to CategoriesItemContent.slot() items.


  • 20.0 (v25):
    • Reworked to ItemContent enum based content blocks.
    • Added scroll-top Dynamic Content slot.