In store mode

The In store mode SDK adds the ability to switch the app to in store mode where your customers can see different set of banners and the stock of the selected store.

Without any customisation, in store screens looks like this:

Store finder screens
Store finder screens

Start using In store mode SDK

To start using it, you just need to add the feature module to your build.gradle

implementation ("com.poqstudio:stores.instore:$VERSION_NAME")

In store mode SDK is composed of these modules:

Koin modules

In store mode SDK dependencies are injected using Koin. In store mode SDK injects automatically all the necessary Koin modules when you include the feature module into your project. These are the Koin module included:

  • inStoreCommonModule
  • inStorePresentationModule

The Store finder SDK provides these deep links:

  • ://in-store/overview: it opens InStoreActivationActivity.
  • ://in-store/activate/${storeId}: it enables in store mode.