The Stores SDK is where your customers can do actions related to the stores.

Feature Stores SDKs

These are the feature Stores SDKs:

Stores dependencies
Stores dependencies

Stores SDK is composed of this module:

Koin modules

Stores SDK dependencies are injected using Koin. Stores SDK injects automatically all the necessary Koin modules when you include any module with dependencies into Stores. These are the Koin modules included:

  • storeDataModule
  • storeDomainModule
  • storeAvailabilityDataModule
  • storeAvailabilityDomainModule
  • inStoreDataModule
  • inStoreDomainModule
  • bopisDataModule
  • bopisDomainModule

Poq Settings

The Store availability SDK is configurable via StoresComponentSettings. Through StoresComponentSettings you can configure:

  • pageSize: it controls the size of the pagination page. In general, this only drives the amount of products prefetched initially (3 * pageSize) as backend controls the page size.