Email marketing

Your email marketing lists contain your most loyal and engaged customers. And email is rapidly becoming mobile. Stats from Knotice at the end of 2012 found that 41% of all emails were opened on mobile devices, with 29% opened on smartphones and 12% on tablets. This makes email the perfect place to market your app, and you should tie in email marketing with the rest of your app promotion.

A stand-alone email is a good idea on launch

Include some beautiful screenshots of your app and talk about the benefits of being able to shop and browse for products wherever you are.

Promote your app using your regular e-newsletters

As well as mentioning your app when you launch, add a link to your app in the footer of your regular email campaigns.

Keep talking about the app

If you add a new feature to the app, make it a feature in your regular e-newsletter. You could also set up your email marketing programme so that everyone who opens the email on a specific device gets special content about downloading the app.

Here’s a good example from Dorothy Perkins of how to remind customers that they can shop on mobile. See the little phone icon on the top right?

email marketing1

Deep linking to App or App/Play Store

Linking directly to the app is also a great way of driving revenue through the app, along with getting more installs. Follow our deep link guide for further details.