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Get Started

Last Updated - Platform 25.0 - SDK 20.0

To start using the PoqSDK, you will need access to our private GitHub repositories.

Before you begin

To simplify setup and development we have developed a set of utilities using Fastlane. If you only want to use Swift Package Manager then follow the manual setup documentation.

  1. Optional: Ensure you are using a Ruby version manager. We recommend rbenv which is simple to set up. This avoids OS complications such as having to redo this set up after major OS updates.
  2. Ensure you have Fastlane installed on your system using their documentation.

Starting on an existing Poq app

If you are a new developer starting on an existing Poq provisioned app then follow these steps to get started. Apps that are provisioned using Fastlane and PoqTooling will have Project.yml and GenerateProject.command files.

  1. Clone your apps repository locally and open the directory in finder.
  2. Run the GenerateProject.command file by double tapping on it (or via terminal).

Every time you change branches, close Xcode then run this command to pick up new files.

  1. If the terminal asks you to enter the certificate repository passphrase then seek another developer to share this with you. The terminal can be closed at this point to skip this.
  2. If the project uses CocoaPods you can open the xcworkspace, otherwise open the xcodeproj.
  3. Wait for Xcode to checkout the SPM dependencies that were specified in the Project.yml.

You are ready to work on the app.

Creating a new Poq app

We provide Fastlane developer tooling to simplify the creation of new apps and the overall developer experience. To create new apps use the provisioning command from PoqTooling.

Next steps