Swipe to Like

Last Updated - Platform 22.0 - SDK 17.0

The Swipe to Like screen is an optional feature for wishlisting which usually replaces the Cart tab, moving the Cart button to the navigation bar. It is built using the Search API to present the products of a category or search query as swipeable cards which can be liked (added to the Wishlist) or disliked (skipped).



Swipe to LikePresents listing cards using the Search API that can be added to the Wishlist.
WishlistingAllow users to add the listing to the Wishlist. Only product and listing level are supported out of the box.
Save PositionSaves the position against the ProductListMethod in user defaults to resume any Swipe to Like.
DeeplinkablePresent the Swipe to Like for any category or search from anywhere within your app.

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