Last Updated - Platform 26.0 - SDK 21.0

Predictive search shows suggested results as the user types in the search bar. There are 3 types of suggestions returned by Search API: category suggestions, popular searches and suggested products (presented as Product Carousel). The user tapped category, popular search and user typed suggestions are persisted in CoreData local store and displayed as the recent searches.



Use Settings.Search.debounceInterval to set the debounce interval to limit API requests when user is typing.\ Use Settings.Search.recentSearchItemsLimit to set the limit of persisted recent search items.\ Use Settings.Search.searchMinCharacters to set the minimum number of characters a user needs to type to trigger the search API call.\ Use Settings.Search.searchMaxCharacters to set the max number of characters a user can to type to trigger the search API call.


  • 21.0 (v26): Initial release.