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Product Reviews

Last Updated - Platform 24.0 - SDK 19.0

The Review List and Write Review screens are additional product features that allow the user to view and leave product reviews.


# Review List
# Write Review

Replace the various {token} tokens with their specified values. Ensure that values are properly URL encoded (spaces must be encoded as %20 for example).

When enabled, the Product Details screen presents a rating link view below the product summary as seen in the above screenshots. The rating is shown as empty with 0 reviews for products with no reviews.

Tapping the link will present the Review List screen. Tapping the Write Review action button will present the Write Review screen.

Set up

Reviews on the Product Details screen is enabled by default.

If you have previously customised the Product Details screen, ensure you return the reviews view from the data source.

class CustomProductViewDataSource: PoqProductViewDataSource {
override func makeViews(for product: ProductDetailsViewData) -> [UIView] {
var views = [UIView?]()
views.append(makeReviewsView(with: product))
return views.compactMap { $0 }

The Product Details link can be disabled using the isReviewsEnabled setting. If you want to have the link without Write Reviews you will need to customise the feature to remove all links.

Settings.ProductDetails.isReviewsEnabled = false


  • 19.0 (v24): Added Write Review and Review List sorting.
  • 18.0 (v23): Reworked reviews to use the Reviews API with pagination.
  • 15.0 (v20): Initial release using legacy API.