Shopify Sdk Services

All services apis are defined using interfaces. The recommended way of customization when using Shopify SDK is to provide custom implementation of services and register it as scoped in IoC.

List of Available Services


generates CsvProduct and CsvCategories from provided categories and products.


Maps custom collection to products


obtains data for all categories and products in shopify admin.


Converts raw shopify contract objects to csv records and stores them in feed files. Overriding mapping in csv is accomplished by providing IFeedExporter.


AccountService is designed to be used by BFC by handling user account operations: login, register, profile, etc. This services proxies relevant requests to shopify endpoints for complete integration.

  • CreateGuestTokenAsync creates token for guest user

  • LoginAsync login existing user

  • LogoutAsync logout logged in user

  • GetProfileAsync returns user profile

  • RegisterAsync register new user.

  • UpdateProfileAsync updates user profile

  • RefreshTokenAsync refresh logged in user access token

  • GetContentAsync returns screen content configuration setup in Poq App Manager

  • GenerateEncodedTokenInfoString generates encoded bearer token value

  • GetAccessTokenFromAuthHeader reads Authorization header value and extracts shopify custom access token from it.

  • IsGuest reads Authorization header value and returns current user status.


CartService handles all required cart operations


CheckoutService handles checkout/start endpoint


ProductService handles /products endpoint


SearchService handles /search endpoint


Converters are used internally by Shopify SDK, but they are also exposed to ease any custom implementation needed.