Magento Sdk Services

All services apis are defined using interfaces. The recommended way of customization when using Magento SDK is to provide custom implementation of services and register it as scoped in IoC.

List of Available Services


AccountService is designed to be used by BFC by handling user account operations: login, register, profile, etc. This services proxies relevant requests to magento endpoints for complete integration.

  • CreateGuestTokenAsync creates token for guest user

  • LoginAsync logs user in

  • LogoutAsync logs user out

  • GetProfileAsync returns user profile

  • RegisterAsync register new user.

  • UpdateProfileAsync updates user profile

  • RefreshTokenAsync refresh logged in user access token

  • GetContentAsync returns screen content configuration setup in Poq App Manager


PredictiveSearchService provides set of methods required by search suggestions feature of the app.

  • SearchAsync returns categories suggested for the specified search query.


ProductAttributesService helper service to simply work with magento attributes.

  • GetAttributeAsync returns an attribute by attribute code.
  • GetAttributeByIdAsync returns an attribute by attribute id.


SearchService provides set of methods required to show product listing page by category and keyword, in addition to this handles search by barcode functionality.

  • SearchAsync returns product listing page by category or keyword based on specified filters.
  • SearchByBarcodeAsync returns a product by barcode.


ProductService provides set of methods required to show product details page.

  • GetProductsAsync returns products by product ids.
  • GetProductsByVariantIdAsync returns products by variant ids.


ShopService provides set of methods required to show category navigation menu.

  • GetNavigationCategoriesAsync returns category navigation menu.