This documentation is going to provide you with in depth knowledge of Poq Backend functionality, will make you familiar with generic terms and use cases, will help you understand how to run and customize an API for your client. If you find any inconsistencies in this documentation please do not hesitate and reach out to your Poq BE contact!

What is the Backend SDK?

Poq Backend SDK consists of a set of libraries and API templates that help you build, customize and run an API for your App in no time. As an important note, within this documentation when speaking about the “SDK” we usually mean the set of libraries only (for ex Sfcc.SDK – set of libraries to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Open Commerce API), while “API Template” stands separate yet coupled with the specific “SDK” used (for ex: SFCC BFC Template – API template that utilizes Sfcc.SDK internally and once used for code generation provides you with API that is ready to serve requests for the Sfcc based client App).