Dynamic content

Dynamic content SDK allows you to render API-driven UI components. It also allows to show personalized content to the user based on the DynamicContentUser sent.

Start using Dynamic content SDK

The platform module includes the Dynamic content SDK. It is composed of these modules:

Dynamic content SDK allows multiple customisations, check the most common customisations.

Koin modules

Dynamic content dependencies are injected using Koin. The platform module injects all the necessary Koin modules. These are the Koin module included:

  • dynamicContentDataModule
  • dynamicContentDomainModule
  • dynamicContentPresentationModule

Keywords definition

  • Slot: placeholder where a SlotComponent will be displayed.
  • SlotId: String constant that defines the slot's position on the screen. It can takes values such as "top" or "scroll-bottom".
  • SlotComponent: a Composable that can be displayed in any slot.
  • SlotType: String constant that specifies the type of SlotComponent received via the API.
  • SlotModifier: similar to Compose Modifiers, it allows you to decorate any SlotComponent.
  • SlotsContent: domain model that holds all the SlotComponents received via an API.

Poq SDK screens with Dynamic content support

These are the screens, and their supported slots ids, which support Dynamic content:

  • Categories: scroll-top
  • ProductList: scroll-top
  • ProductDetail: recommendations
  • Cart: scroll-top and scroll-bottom