Barcode scanner

The Barcode scanner SDK is where your customers can scan a barcode or enter it manually.

Without any customisation, Barcode scanner screen looks like this:

Barcode scanner screens
Barcode scanner screens

Without any customisation, Barcode manual screen looks like this:

Barcode manual screens
Barcode manual screens

Start using Barcode scanner SDK

To start using it, you need to:

  • Add the feature module to your build.gradle
    implementation ("com.poqstudio:catalogue.barcodescanner:$VERSION_NAME")

SearchActivity modifies itself to include the barcode icon when you include the module, so no more changes are required.

Barcode scanner SDK is composed of these modules:

The most common customisations are described in this link.

Koin modules

Barcode scanner SDK dependencies are injected using Koin. Barcode scanner SDK injects automatically all the necessary Koin modules when you include the feature module into your project. These are the Koin modules included:

  • barcodeDataModule
  • barcodeDomainModule
  • barcodeScannerPresentationModule