The Login feature allows a user to log into an existing account.

Without any customisation, the Login screen looks like this:

Login Screen
Login Screen

Start using the Login SDK

The platform module includes the Login SDK by default. The Login SDK is compose of these modules:

Koin modules

The Login SDK dependencies are injected using Koin. Login SDK provides the default dependencies definitions via this Koin module:

Poq Settings

The Login SDK is configurable via LoginSettings. Through LoginSettings you can configure:

  • forgotPasswordUrl: it's the URL that will be opened when the user taps the Forgot Your Password? button.
  • loginPasswordValidation: optional: it's the validation method that will be applied to the Password field. By default, the validation method provided in AccountSDKSettingProvider:getLoginPasswordValidation is used.

Login SDK provides only one deep link:

  • ://login: it opens LoginActivity with LoginFragment on top.