Poq Settings

Some features require some specific client parameters, ids for example, or allow configuration based on simple settings. The PoqSDK defines the PoqSettings interface which is implemented by each settings class. To understand which features have PoqSettings you can consult the features section or check its implementations by navigating to the PoqSDK PoqSettings.kt file in Android Studio. To modify these settings you need to:

  1. Create the settings object with your configuration.
  2. In the onCreate() method of your Application, assign your new settings object before calling super.onCreate() to the variable defined with the same name as the setting class.

For example, to configure the debug mode in CoreSettings:

override fun onCreate() {
coreSettings = {
CoreSettings(isDebugMode = BuildConfig.DEBUG)

Not all the fields in the settings object are required, the PoqSDK provides Kotlin default values with the default configuration.
Some settings are mandatory to be replaced, if you do not do it, the feature will malfunction.