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Push Notifications: Send messages to your users

Push notifications can be sent to your users directly from the poq CMS using the “Messages” section. This interface uses an API-only integration with Airship to deliver the notifications to your users. This basic implementation is included in the poq licence fee.

What functionality does the poq CMS have for Push Notifications?

CMS Push Notification Functionality
CMS Push Notification Functionality

Unlimited push delivery

No limit on the number of messages you can send to your users

Basic text-based messages

Write any message to your users to promote your app or your products including support for emojis. To use emojis, you can paste them directly into the message field in the CMS.


Schedule the message to be delivered at a certain date and time to plan in-line with other marketing activities. You can also send the message based on a standard time (UTC) or based on the user’s device time. To do the latter, select “Local Time Delivery”

Platform Targeting

Choose to send your push notifications to iOS or Android platforms specifically, or select both to send to all users.

CMS Push Deep Link Functionality
CMS Push Deep Link Functionality
Set up a deep link so that when the notification is opened directly, the user is directed to a specific screen within the app. Link to a Product Category, a CMS-created Page or a Lookbook. You can also choose a custom deep link if you want to open another screen.

Country Targeting

Only for customers using a country-switcher feature.

Using the “Audience Tag” field, you can enter the country code to send a push notification to one specific country (based on the country each user selected when they downloaded the app). The country code will have been specified by your iOS and Android developers when creating the app, GB for example.

Opt-In Rate

View how many of your users on iOS and Android are opted in to push notifications for your app. Please note that iOS requires the user to opt-in, whereas Android is opted-in by default, so Android will likely be much higher than iOS.


Look back at the push notifications you have sent out previously, along with the message sent, the date and time and the platform

What Push Notification functionality is not included out-of-the-box?

The following features are usually supported by Push Notification providers when you use their integration and platform. These integrations usually require paying a licence fee for their platform, and customisations to your App to fully leverage them. Please speak to your customer success representative if you’re interested in exploring providers we work with.


The ability to send push notifications to users based on their activity or user attributes. There are a number of common use cases such as abandoned basket reminders. Poq can send events to push providers to enable more complex segmentation.

Rich Push Notifications

Rich Push Example
Rich Push Example
The ability to include media assets in push notifications such as images or videos.

In-App Notifications

The ability to deliver notifications to a user when they already have the app open.

Advanced Analytics

Measuring the effectiveness of each push notification sent, with data such as direct open rate, indirect open rate and conversion rate.