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Publish your app's new theme

When you have finished editing your app's foundation elements or components, it's time to publish the theme. This marks it as available to engineers who will use it to rebuilt your app.

To publish changes in your app:

  1. From the Poq App Manager home page, select App Styler. The right column shows you the published status of your app theme.
  2. In the right hand menu, click Publish. The Review and publish confirmation box is displayed.
  3. Click Download JSON.
  4. Follow the steps to implement the new theme in your app. For iOS apps, this step requires some developer experience.

You have published your app's new theme.

iOS developers guide to implement your theme

Once you have created, published and downloaded the theme for your app, you should have a JSON file which can now be added to your app project.

When downloaded, the JSON file has a name like Your-company-00-1-22

To add your theme JSON document to your app:

  1. Rename the theme file to Theme.json.
  2. Add the theme file to your project and app target(s).
  3. Launch the app to validate that the theme is applied.

Make sure there is only one Theme.json present in your project.

You have added your styled theme to your app.

Android developers guide to implement your theme

In order to apply an app styling theme to your Android app, you first need to install the App Styling Android Studio plugin:

  1. Download AndroidAppStyling.zip from Poq.Android.Platform Github repository.
  2. In Android Studio navigate to: Preferences > Plugins > Settings > Install Plugin from Disk
  3. Select the zip file Restart Android Studio.

Android Studio shows a new option called AppStyling. You have installed the plugin.

To apply a new app styling theme:

  1. Obtain the JSON theme file from the web tool.
  2. In navigate to AppStyling > Generate App Styles.
  3. Copy and paste the content of the JSON file in the dialogue.

The App Styling plugin generates all the necessary files and saves them in the required folder to style your app.

You have applied an app styling theme to your app.