Get Started

Last Updated - Platform 23.0.0 - SDK 18.0.0

The Store Finder and Store Details features use the legacy poq API or the Stores API for Store Availability.

Set up the Store Finder

  1. Ensure the SDK and Platform are set up following the PoqSDK set up steps.
  2. Add the PoqStores framework to your project following these steps.

That's it! No code required.

Enable Store Availability

Store availability is disabled by default as it requires backend support. When enabled, the Store Availability feature is accessed from the Product Details screen.

store availability link

Tapping the link will present the variant selector if a product variant is not already selected on the Product Details screen.

To enable the link, set the isStoreAvailabilityEnabled setting to true.

  1. Open your AppModule to the setUpDependencies function.
  2. Enable the isStoreAvailabilityEnabled setting.
Settings.ProductDetails.isStoreAvailabilityEnabled = true

You can customise the link view by subclassing an implementation of ProductViewDataSource or implementing this yourself.

class CustomProductViewDataSource: PoqProductViewDataSource {
let storeAvailabilityLinkView = CustomStoreAvailabilityLinkView()
override func makeStoreAvailabilityView(with product: ProductDetailsViewData) -> UIView? {
storeAvailabilityLinkView.delegate(to: delegate)
storeAvailabilityLinkView.setup(with: product)
return storeAvailabilityLinkView