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Last Updated - Platform 25.0 - SDK 20.0

The Image (banner) component can present an image (animated or static) from a specific URL as a tappable banner with a link.

Dynamic Content

The Image component wraps an ImageView and can be presented by the backend as part of a feature's slotContent.


Present an image component using a URL with the following json:

"type": "image",
"content": {
"id": "{id}", // Optional id for tracking.
"url": "{image-url}",
"size": { "width": 400, "height": 300 }, // Optional but situationally required to size the component (aspect ratio).
"link": "{link}", // Optional.
"customData": { ... }
"modifiers": {
"accessibility": "{alt-text}", // Optional accessibility text (useful for images).
"padding": { ... },


Sources can be used to present components directly within a SlotView. The Image component supports any source available to set up the ImageView view.

ViewSource(path: "image", content: ImageComponentContent(
id: "{id}",
source: ...,
size: .init(width: 400, height: 300),
link: "{link}",
customData: ...


When the image has a link and is tapped the following event is triggered:

type: image
id: {id}