Image Carousel View

Last Updated - Platform 23.0.0 - SDK 18.0.0

The ImageCarouselView is the main view of an ImageCarouselWidget to present the image carousel content items. It also presents the loading state.

Container.shared.views.imageCarouselView = {

The PoqImageCarouselView (default) variation of this view:

  • Uses and passes ImageCarouselContentViewData to subviews.
  • Presents a collectionView of image carousel content items using an ImageCarouselDataSource.
  • Supports Skeletonable whilst loading; where the data source is responsible for skeleton cells.

Data Source

The ImageCarouselDataSource for a PoqImageCarouselView presents the image carousel content items. This data source:

  • Uses an array of ImageCarouselContentItemViewData passed from ImageCarouselContentViewData.
  • Presents ImageCarouselItemView cells for ImageCarouselContentItemViewData.
  • Supports Skeletonable and presents skeletonised ImageCarouselItemView cells whilst loading.
  • Supports a horizontal scrolling layout.
Container.shared.dataSources.imageCarouselDataSource = {

View Data Mapper

The ImageCarouselContentViewDataMapper to map from the ImageCarouselState to the ImageCarouselContentViewData to present.

Container.shared.mappers.imageCarouselContentViewDataMapper = {