Shopify Api Clients

Poq.Backend.Shopify.Client namespace provides Contracts and Clients that allow quick usage of Shopify API.


Contain all necessary contracts to use Shopify clients effectively.


List of Available Clients

  • ShopifyAccountClient provides: creation of user account in Shopify, accessing user account details, accessing user orders, obtain user order by id.

  • ShopifyAddressClient provides: CRUD operation for user addresses.

  • ShopifyCheckoutClient provides: creation of order with list of products inside.

  • ShopifyCollectionClient this client is intended to support work with custom and smart collections defined in shopify administration.

  • ShopifyIdentityClient provides: login, logout, token renewal operations.

  • ShopifyNavigationClient can obtain entire navigation tree defined in shopify administration.

  • ShopifyProductClient provides: listing all products, get product by collectionId, get products updated after certain date.