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Shopify Api Clients

Poq.Backend.Shopify.Client namespace provides Contracts and Clients that allow quick usage of Shopify API.


Contain all necessary contracts to use Shopify clients effectively.


List of Available Clients


Provides creation of user account in Shopify, accessing user account details, accessing user orders, obtain user order by id. It uses ShopifyClientConfiguration.StoreFrontAccessToken to access Shopify Storefront Graphql API

  • CreateAccountAsync creates customer account with provided parameters.

  • UpdateAccountAsync updates customer account. Requires customer access token.

  • GetAccountDetailsAsync returns customer account details. Requires customer access token.

  • GetAccountOrdersAsync returns customer orders.

  • GetAccountOrderAsync returns customer order details.

  • DeleteAccountAsync marks customer account as deleted.


Provides CRUD operation for user addresses.

  • CreateAddressAsync creates customer address

  • UpdateAddressAsync updates customer address

  • DeleteAddressAsync deletes customer address

  • ListAddressesAsync returns list of customer addresses

  • SetDefaultAddressAsync sets default customer address

  • GetAddressAsync returns address details


Provides creation of order with list of products inside.

  • CreateCheckoutAsync creates shopify checkout with specified items and currencies.

  • AssociateCustomerToCheckoutAsync associates customer to shopify checkout. Resolves registered users access to shopify checkout.


Provides login, logout, token renewal operations.

  • GetTokenAsync obtains access token for registered user(login).

  • TokenRenewAsync renews customer access token

  • LogoutAsync deletes customer access token


This client is intended to support work with custom and smart collections defined in shopify administration.


When custom code is added to shopify site this client can obtain entire navigation tree defined in shopify administration. This client is used when building category tree from feed file.


Provides listing all products, get product by collectionId, get products updated after certain date. This client is used to obtain products information and generate feed file.